Data privacy and use of cookies

Personal data processing and privacy at Amare Luna OÜ

  1. These privacy conditions inform the web visitor about the data processing principles of Amare Luna OÜ and the data subject's rights when processing their personal data.
  2. Amare Luna OÜ always processes the data subject's data in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, which is mainly a contract, legitimate interest, or consent.
  3. Amare Luna OÜ sets the goal of correctness and transparency of processed personal data. To ensure these goals, the data subject always has the right to check the processed data and correct them if necessary. responds to questions and appeals related to the protection of personal data. 
  4. Amare Luna OÜ processes personal data in order to offer its services based on these terms and conditions. Within this framework, we primarily process the following data: customer name, phone number, interest in training, and email address. 
  5. Amare Luna OÜ processes personal data for the following purposes:
    1. To maintain and analyze the customer base in order to make suitable offers for the Customer;
    2. To carry out a possible customer satisfaction survey; 
    3. For the transmission of advertising and/or information materials by email (direct marketing).
  6. Amare Luna OÜ continues to develop its goods and services. In order to improve the quality of the services offered to the data subjects and to improve the experience, Amare Luna OÜ has the right to start processing other personal data that are not mentioned in these terms and conditions, ensuring that the data subjects are informed of the corresponding processing and related rights in accordance with the applicable laws.
  7. Amare Luna OÜ operates mainly as an organizer of training. Amare Luna OÜ also uses subcontractors to provide its services. Therefore, to the extent permitted by these terms and conditions, it may be necessary or expedient to transfer personal data to our cooperation partners or subcontractors for data processing, and only for the purpose of providing a higher quality Amare Luna OÜ service.
  8. Amare Luna OÜ confirms that all persons to whom personal data is transferred on the basis of clause 8 will process them strictly in accordance with the instructions of Amare Luna OÜ, to the extent limited by the legal basis of personal data processing, purposefully, to the minimum necessary extent and otherwise in accordance with current legislation.
  9. Amare Luna OÜ retains the data subject's personal data until the purpose of processing is achieved, or the basis for processing ceases. Amare Luna OÜ does not store data in any case longer than the deadlines stipulated in legislation or as long as it is necessary to resolve claims and legal disputes that may arise in the future. Amare Luna OÜ stores personal data for longer than ten years only on the corresponding legal basis or in case of legitimate interest.
  10. The data subject has the following rights in relation to Amare Luna OÜ, taking into account the restrictions on the exercise of these rights arising from data protection laws and conditions:
    1. the right to receive information about their personal data that is being processed;
    2. the right to correct personal data in case the personal data is incorrect;
    3. the right to demand the deletion of personal data;
    4. the right to request the restriction of the processing of personal data;
    5. the right to object to the processing of your personal data;
    6. the right to receive information about the right to transfer personal data;
    7. the right to refuse further data processing.
  11. In order to exercise the rights stated in point 10, Amare Luna OÜ asks you to contact the contacts stated in clause 3.
  12. In the event that the data subject has refused the processing of personal data, transfer of personal data, or requested to limit the processing of personal data or to delete personal data, it may be impossible for Amare Luna OÜ to provide a high-quality service to the data subject. In this case, Amare Luna OÜ has the right to refuse to provide services.
  13. The Customer has the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate or the court if the Customer finds that Amare Luna OÜ is processing their personal data illegally or in some other way violating their rights.
  14. These terms and conditions are valid from May 1, 2018. Amare Luna OÜ has the right to change the conditions unilaterally.

Online experience and cookies on the website

  1. In order to ensure that you receive the most relevant information and the best service when visiting the website, information and data about the visitor are collected through the use of cookies. This helps us (and other authorized third parties) provide you with a personalized experience.
  2. We want web visitors to understand the principles of using these technologies, so this document is intended to explain the use of cookies and other technologies and the resulting choices.
  3. Cookies are small data files that a web server stores on your device's hard drive so that a website can recognize your computer.
  4. There are two types of cookies: persistent and temporary or “session” cookies.
    1. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device as a file for a long time.
    2. Session cookies are placed temporarily on your device for the period you visit our page but are deleted once you close the page, which means these cookies are not permanently stored on your device. 
  5. Most companies use cookies on their websites for the purpose of improving the experience, and cookies cannot damage your files or increase virus-related risks to your computer.
  6. We may use the following types of cookies:
    1. Necessary cookies - absolutely necessary for us to be able to offer you our Website. For example, authentication. They help us implement our Terms of Use and maintain the security of the service we offer.
    2. Performance and functionality cookies - are not strictly necessary but allow you to personalize your user experience. For example, the cookies allow us to remember your preferences and ensure that you do not need to re-enter information that you have already provided to us. We also use these cookies to collect information (such as popular pages, browsing patterns, and clicks) about how our visitors use our services so that we can improve our Website and services and conduct market research. If you decide to delete these cookies, the functionality of using our services will be limited.
  7. We use the information receive through cookies to make our website user-friendly - cookies enable us to offer you personalized suggestions. We may also use a number of authorized third parties who place cookies on our Website to bring you the services they offer.
  8. We may use session cookies to enable you to move between pages on our Website without having to re-enter information.
  9. Persistent cookies are also used in a variety of ways, including:
    1. To enable you to move between pages on our Website without having to re-enter information.
    2. To help us recognize you when you return to our Website to use our services.
    3. To enable us to recommend to you other models, services, and offers that match your preferences.
    4. To ensure that you are not requested repeatedly to fill in survey forms.
  10. may use non-personal information obtained through both persistent and session cookies for statistical purposes as follows:
    1. To monitor the use (frequency and time) of our services and our Website.
    2. To determine which are the most popular parts of our Website
    3. To provide anonymous information to third parties.
    4. To establish how frequently you and other users visit our Website and buy products.
  11. On the website, you can choose whether you accept cookies or not. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set your web browser to notify you. In this way, you can either accept the cookie or refuse it. You can also set your computer to refuse all cookies. Detailed instructions on the website
  12. Please note that making changes to your browser settings that result in the cookie function being disabled will prevent some parts of our Website from working fully, including the login and content viewing functions.
  13. Any changes we make to our Cookie Policy in the future will be posted on this page. If necessary, we will also notify you of changes via email in accordance with this document.
  14. Please send all questions, comments, and inquiries about the cookie policy to