Oral sex training with men in mind.

Oral sex is wonderful, but how do you make it enjoyable for both of you?

In the training, women are taught how to be bold and confident and which points to touch to maximize the effect of pleasure.
It would be advisable to come to the training after completing parts I and II of lingam massage. By combining oral sex with lingam and prostate massage, it is possible to take a man to a real pleasure paradise.
Of course, this is not an obstacle if you have not attended any training before and want to start with oral sex.

Why is oral sex good?

  • Most men enjoy it.
  • Oral sex is good if it's done well.
  • perfect for foreplay
  • change 
  • closeness and intimacy
  • growing trust
  • What a man appreciates most about oral sex is commitment and the fact that the woman herself enjoys it.
  • Combining it with different lingam positions makes it even more sensual.
  • Oral sex is gentle yet intense and evokes many good emotions in a man.

Oral sex training consists of two parts:

  1. Introduction - Is oral sex safe? How to prepare the man and yourself for it. We will talk about everything you need to know in order for oral sex to be successful and for you to like it as well. In addition, good recommendations and a flying fantasy. Oral sex video at the end of part I.
  2. Practice on dildos - In the practical part, positions and different combinations are demonstrated, which the training participants themselves can try out on the mulages at their own pace. The practical part also includes instructions on how to use a condom.

When performing oral sex, a chocolate nut cream with a nut content of 62%, specially brought from Italy, is used. This nut cream itself is a mouth-watering taste orgasm. 

Oral sex is like the icing on the cake for men, and if you can do it well and with confidence, the man will melt like wax.

What is the expected result?

Much more self-confidence, courage to test different options, and most importantly, the man will look at you with a completely new eye after such experiences. The training is really cool and inspiring.

So far, none of the women in the test group of the training have said they felt uncomfortable. Women who happen to be in the same group have also shared their tricks with each other, and that is what makes this training a firsthand and sincere experience. Sex and pleasure are some of the most wonderful parts of our lives!

Oral sex is unfortunately a taboo for many, but I promise that after this training, you will feel like a fish in water and dare to experiment, and you will be a lot more confident when you do it.

Men love to watch a woman give them oral sex (there are always exceptions, of course), and if you enjoy it yourself, you can experience exceptionally wonderful emotions.

Oral sex is the way to a man's heart!

  • Oral sex training material is included. 

The training lasts 2 hours.





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