Woman, Know Your Body or Yoni massage training for women.

The training is intended for women who want to learn about their bodies in order to become more self-aware.

Topics covered in the training:

  • Yoni massage training, or how to satisfy yourself;
  • A breast massage that is really powerful and relaxing;
  • How emotions and thinking affect us and the importance of childhood and what role it plays in later life;
  • How to find balance and be in more feminine energy;
  • Archetypes (housewife, lover, queen, girl).

We will introduce more than 30 different positions on a moulage and show how to find these wonderful pleasure points with gentle touches.
PS! Before coming to the training, please cut your nails short because the silicone moulages used in the practical part are very delicate, and long nails can damage the silicone.

Every woman is special, and Love begins with oneself. When you are in contact with your body, only then are you in contact with your sexuality!

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