Who is Epp Kärsin

"Love saves the world!"

To tell you everything, with all honesty, I have to start from the very beginning. :)

Even as a child, I was interested in sexual topics, and luckily, there was relevant literature at home. So, I am grateful to my parents for letting me explore this world without any shame or embarrassment. I'll be honest, I was looking forward to the first time...  Unfortunately, it was not half the way that I had read in books and seen in movies.

Everything I have done and experienced in my life has prepared me for who I am today and what I do. I don't care if someone says I'm not normal. And who is to say what is normal and what is normalcy? I know who I am, and so do my family and dear close friends, and that's the most important thing to me. I love myself and try to be the best version of myself every day without fake masks. I love life and people!

I'm not going to list in detail how many schools I've graduated from and how many different professions I have acquired, but one thing's for sure: I have definitely more of them than the Wolf in the famous children’s cartoon. :)

I consider one of the most important of them graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Tartu. From there, I also received preparation for the basics of sexuality, anatomy, and physiology. I have also studied Chinese medicine and completed various tantra therapy trainings and workshops. I don't use the word tantra myself because its meaning is corrupted for many Estonians.

I have compiled my training from my own experiences. I like sex, and I like pleasure, and I am a 100% practitioner.

What others may read in a book, I experience this and more through my body. My own experiences have influenced me the most, and my various lectures and trainings were born from this.

I don't work as a therapist. The only man I practice on is my own dear husband.

In my life, I have tried everything that interested me, and I am grateful that this scope is so wide. That's probably why I'm an experiential trainer and not a dry theoretician :)

I am genuinely honest and tell things as they are, without shame or discomfort. I like to talk about what I have experienced and am experiencing, and I like to share this world that is so wonderful and unique.

I have my own mission, and as of today, I have no longer any doubts that this mission is to save the world with Love!

Sex and sexuality - I want people to understand that this is the most wonderful part of life; it is awareness and a huge power to live your life exactly as you dream and desire.

Being aware of sexual health helps us make better choices in life. Today, at my own cost, I give free lectures in schools in order to fill even a little bit of the big gap that exists in our education system in relation to the field of sexual health.

I have independently worked through a large number of scientific articles, books, and publications on the topic of sexuality and spent countless hours educating myself.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to study sexual health in any university in Estonia. That's why I try to educate myself and find seminars that are related to my favorite topic.

I dream big and hope to one-day reform sex education in Estonian schools, publish books, and have my own TV show!

I want people to know and experience for themselves how wonderful and pure sexuality and everything related to it is!

I know that Love saves the world!

With Love